Hi everyone..!!

We are taking a step further with k3entertainment and planning to start a monthly newsletter. 

This newsletter will includes previous months published books, comics, magazines and also all the information will be categorized like previous month best seller, Amazon best seller, Good-reads best books of the month, New York times best seller books  etc. which are published here.

You can comment your mail id over here to get the news letter every month (12 newsletter / 1 year). We also don't like to fill up your mailbox with spam and junk mails, by mailing you the newsletter even if you don't like to receive.

So, to summarize what are facilities you will get if you put your mail id over here are:

1. Only 12 newsletter, means 12 mails in a year.
2. You can see at a glance that what are the books have been published in previous month.
3. You will get the information about best and popular books that are released in previous month and are available in site.
4. Special information like "New York Times Best Seller", "Amazon Best Seller of the Month", "Good Reads Best Books of the Month" etc. which we have published in our site.
5. Also, k3entertainment special categorized options like "Best Mystery Books of the Month", "Best Fantasy Books of the Month" etc.

Advantage of this is, even if you missed something that we have published, you can see it and come back to our site and get it.

We always keep trying to improvise the user experience from good to better and better to best. We will start this from 1st September and we hope people will be happy with this.

Download the newsletter of the month : August -
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