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We Deliver What We Promise.

At K3entertainment, I believe there is a better way to help people with books, comics & magazines. I am obsessively passionate about it, and my mission is to help people as much as I can.
I focus on books, comics, magazines. There is some problem we face daily to get any book in internet, whatever it may be either annoying premium registration, survey or any stupid thing to get just a simple book.
Also, recent books which are released in past 3-4 months those are hard to collect from internet.
And there I saw an opportunity. I'm excited to simplify that by not including any of that issues in my site. I provide high quality of digital books, new and latest books collections and a library which holds 50,000+ books, comics, magazines.

"Reading One Book is Like Eating One Potato Chip."
I believe that it should not be hard to get and read books from internet. Reading is the only thing that will make to you to see things differently.
I try to simplify internet problems and come up with no survey, no registration and nothing which may cause a bad experience for any user to get just a book to read.
It should be like: I want that book, I just want to read.-> Request For it. -> Got it -> Say a "Thank You" to k3entertainment.
I serve only for real book lovers who love to read, not for people like who want to get all the books at once in collection and read nothing. Because of that, I have restricted my serving policy to 15 books per month.

"A Writer Only Begins a Book. A Reader Finishes It."
I have the collection of more than 90,000+ books including newly releases books every month. I am not saying trust me by just listening my words, I'm asking you to find that for yourself.
From the beginning, I was always focused on people need and books which are best in market, may be that is one of the reason that people find it useful.

I have started this with good intention and along the road, I got help from lot of people with the books & funding. The reason may be my goal and trust that people do.
In the beginning, funding for this was tough and people are not ready to put their money on something, which they just found out.
But as time go on, this aren't a problem at all. After visiting 4-5 times, they understand my intention and they are ready to help me for the long journey.
I never ask money for the books.
My funding totally depends on donation & advertisement, other than that I don't have backup. Be kind and help me grow by donating.


K3Entertainment was founded by Sukalyan Bhattacharyya in 2013. He is a QA Test Engineer in WIPRO Technologies, Kolkata. It was just the planning to do something bigger, to do something new, to help people.
After so many ideas and analysis for 3-4 years, finally it has started with this in October 2017. After starting, withing 6 months it's reached globally and people from around the globe are appreciating him for his work.
Currently, k3entertainment is ranked 55,754 in Alexa Rank for India and almost 30,000+ visitors every month.

Updated April 24, 2019


Instagram : Kalyanaskrish

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  1. Hi K3,

    Its really very helpful by Ur blog which u have thought to bring out for the bookworms..Thank you so much.

    1. I am glad that you liked it. Thank you so much for the feedback.

  2. thank you sukalyan ....keep up the good work, can u also upload vedic math and other indian stories books for kids please

    1. Thank you Rupa. Please comment the request for any books in "Request" section.