Friday, 10 May 2019

New York Times Best Seller Books and 9 Books on World War 2 PDF Download


Hey everyone, two sets of books i have published today. First let's talk about all the books.
But before that, let me tell you, i am extremely sorry for the last two weeks for being late sending books and everything.

Let's see for today's books.

New York Times Best Seller Books:

Redemption Book by David Baldacci <Available>
The Mister Book by E. L. James <Available>
Normal People Novel by Sally Rooney <Available>
13-Minute Murder Book by James Patterson <Available>
Lost Roses: A Novel by Martha Hall Kelly <Available>
Someone Knows Novel by Lisa Scottoline <Available>

7 Books on World War 2:

While You Were Mine Book by Ann Howard Creel <Available>
The House by the Lake Book by Ella Carey <Available>
Everyone Brave is Forgiven Novel by Chris Cleave <Available>
Broken Angels Book by Gemma Liviero <Available>
The Queen's Accomplice: A Maggie Hope Mystery Book by Susan Elia MacNeal <Available>
The Cavendon Women: A Novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford <Available>
The Translation of Love: A Novel by Lynne Kutsukake <Available>

Other 3 Books:

Suddenly Forbidden Book by Ella Fields <Available>
Bittersweet Always Book by Ella Fields <Available>
Pretty Venom Book by Ella Fields <Available>

So let's enjoy the free books and have a great day.

You can comment your mail id over here to get the book or you can mail the same by sending a mail with the name of the book to the below mail id.


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