Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Thank you for 200,000+ views

Thank you so much for 200k views, you can already see that at right side of the website.

I am so happy to see this and i really want to appreicate those people who helped my by staying with me and put their trust on me. I just want to thank you so much people and keep sharing k3entertainment more and more.

There are few points i would like to mention here:

1. Currently i am not able to collect all the books that have been requested in “Request” section as because not having enough time to do that. But i will surely look into those lists that very soon. I apologize for the delay in response for the requests in “Request” section.

2. Every month 1000+ books released and from there, after seeing the market what are the best selling books among them, i collect them and publish. This means, those 1000 books are not available, only the best of them as per the Amazon, Flipkart are available here.

3. If you put a wrong mail id, a single word extra or less makes your email id invalid and you keep waiting for your book. Just take a couple seconds and write proper mail id to get the books.

Thats all.

Thank you so much for being with k3entertainment. Stay tune and enjoy the free books every day.

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