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Terms of Use:

1. Conditions:

> K3entertainment offers free books, comics, magazines to people, which are only for entertainment purpose. Using these for any kind of marketing or publishing these in any other site will lead to block your access.

> Every Month any single user can get 15 books for free (5 Books/Daily). You can always request more books after a minimum donation towards us, to support us. Your donation is the only thing, that help me go forward with this.

> Misuse of any books can lead to stop to get any book from this site. As we send books in mail, your mail id will be ignored.

> Using bad language or offensive language is strictly prohibited. Criticism is fine.

> You are the sole responsible person for providing a correct mail id. If the mail is wrong and books wouldn't deliver, it's not our fault. Please be careful while writing your mail id.

> Do not use different mail id to get more books in a day. We can detect that it is coming from same IP address which means from same user.

> I am here to serve only for pure book lovers, not to give you all my collection at once, so that you can have the same and won't read anything at all. You keep reading and i will keep you updated with new books every month with a limitation. If you are a real bookworm person, 15 books in a month is more than enough (guessing 2 days to finish a book). So 15 books/Month is a limitation.

If you don't want to donate any single penny, we understand. Please enjoy our free 15 books every month to read.

2. Copyright:
> We do not hold the copyright for any of the files that is available in here. We respect the publishers and writers for their hard work. Requesting to remove any book from our site will be effective immediately with proper proof and justification for copyright.

> We will fully co-operate with the copyright issues of any books, comics, magazines.

> "Before you complain to remove any book from my site, just to be clear that i am not providing any link over here for the books. I have collected all the books from different people, sites and other sources, you should complaint to those sites first. I am just sharing whatever I have collected over the years personally. Still if you think that any post should be removed as you are owner of the book and you don't like the idea to share the PDF version of your hard work, please feel free to contact me and will delete that post asap." - Sukalyan

3. Content:
> Every book, comic, magazine is collected from different website or many sources.

> K3entertainment is not responsible for books which have missing pages, scanned copy or old versions, as we didn't created any of it. We will surely take a step to improve that file after a complain.

> We are responsible for every files that we send to you and take full responsibility if that file harms your device in any way. Please report us back with that issue and we will take care of that.

> k3entertainment has every right to delete any content if want, without giving proper notice to any people.

4. For Author/Publishers:

> Please request through mail to remove any post, update any post (book cover/information) or any other issues, we will act on that as soon as possible.

> As we are not providing any download link, you can easily check that how many people got your book by mail id as they comment on post. It's not like, we are giving every books to millions of unknown people.

Updated: 7th January, 2019

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