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Alex Cross (novel series) (Next 5 Books) (Part 3) PDF Download

Alex Cross is a crime, mystery, and thriller novel series written by James Patterson. The series focuses on the protagonist—African-American Metropolitan Police Department detective and father Alex Cross—as he faces threats to his family and the city of Washington, D.C.. Supporting characters include two of Cross’s children, Damon, and Janelle, as well as his grandmother Nana Mama. The series is usually narrated in first-person perspective by Alex Cross, and occasionally from the villains’ point of view in third-person.

We are going to publish all the books of this series in 5 Different post which will contain 5 books from this series. Here are the next 5 book of this series in this post after Part 1 & 2 posts.

Mary, Mary (2005)
Cross (2006)
Double Cross (2007)
Cross Country (2008)
Alex Cross's Trial (2009)

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Mary, Mary (2005), while on vacation in Los Angeles with his family, Alex is pulled onto a last minute case to chase down a mysterious murderer, who is killing famous people. But at the same time, Alex must face a new threat that Christine, his ex-fiancée, may cause to his family. While facing many problems at home, Alex must solve the murders before it's too late and also make a powerful decision in the end as well.

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Cross (2006), in the 12th book in the Cross series, Cross retires from the FBI and from his life as a detective. Now returning to private practice, Alex is enjoying his new life, until an old enemy from his past resurfaces, forcing him to work with his former partner, Detective John Sampson to find him. But this killer isn't like any other. This killer just maybe the one who killed Maria Cross, Alex's long deceased wife...
In 2012, the novel was adapted into a film, titled Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry as Alex Cross and Matthew Fox as The Butcher (renamed Picasso in the film).

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Double Cross (2007), Alex has found love with his new girlfriend, Detective Bree Stone, and is enjoying his retired life. But when a new killer, known as DCAK, starts killing people in front of an audience, Alex comes out of his retirement and is officially reinstated with the police department. Working with Bree and his former partner, John Sampson, Alex goes on a hunt for not one, but two killers at the same time. Meanwhile, Kyle Craig (aka the Mastermind), escapes from prison and plans to finish his rivalry with Alex.

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Cross Country (2008), when a woman that Alex knew is killed by the Tiger, a new murderer, who is traveling between America and Africa, killing people along with his group of teenagers, Alex heads to Africa. But this time he is faced with a whole new challenge that will test him in every way. But what Alex experiences and discovers will change everything.

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Alex Cross's Trial (2009), in this story within a story concept, Alex writes about one of his ancestors, Abraham Cross, who teams up with a lawyer named Ben Corbett to help end the series of lynching that are happening in Eudora, Mississippi. But as they continue to investigate, they discover that the Ku Klux Klan maybe resurfacing and a dark secret is revealed.

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